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You've now got great energy efficiency programs in place, made a number of improvements, and you're excited about the impending savings.  But two months down the line and no one knows these programs even exist, not even your own employees. What went wrong?  


A program only works if everyone is onboard and that means communicating and marketing it appropriately both internally and externally.  


Let Magellan Solutions help you produce marketing and communications tools that will make your programs known.  



Education & Outreach 


It doesn't take much to be energy efficient.  In fact, it doesn't cost you or your business anything to make a huge impact both to your bottom line and the environment.  But in order to take advantage of these potential benefits, you'll have to learn more about energy efficiency and why being efficient is the smart and right choice.  


Magellan Solutions offers Eco-Sense seminars to the community and businesses. Email us to inquire about the next seminar or to set up a presentation at your place of business.  



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